Beating Internet Casinos

Beating online casinos is possible, but before you can understand how to do this you need to come to terms with some universal casino gambling truths.

The first is that all casino games have an in-built mathematical house edge that dictates an eventual player loss over an extended play period. There’s no magic or casino trickery here, just simple game mathematics and probability. Just like the odds of calling the correct toss of a coin are 50-50, the odds of hitting an inside bet playing European roulette are 37-1 (36 numbers plus zero), and yet the casino pays only 35-1. The difference between the 37-1 odds and 35-1 payout is where the casino’s house edge lies. And the same principle applies to all casino games.

Blackjack played optimally has a mathematical return to player (“RTP”) rate of just over 99%. Play an infinite number of blackjack hands applying perfect blackjack basic strategy and for every dollar bet you will win 99 cents back. Maybe you started on a winning streak, maybe you started on a losing streak, but in the (very) long run the outcome will be the same. Las Vegas was not built on long term regular winners.

This isn’t to say that a player win in the short term isn’t possible.

The second truth is that RTP rates can be maximized through optimal game play and astute game selection. Play blackjack optimally and the RTP rate resulting will be close to 99%. Play it badly and you will give the casino a substantially larger edge. All casino games have optimal playing strategies which assure maximized RTP rates. These are not to be confused with game systems that you sometimes find promoted as sure fired ways to beat casinos. No system will guarantee you a player edge for any casino game (aside from effective blackjack counting strategies which are something else altogether) so the question you should ask anyone selling you a system is why they are trying to make money from the sale of their “guaranteed winning system” when they could be out there using it to make millions.

Importantly, RTP rates between optimally played casino games differ substantially so it pays financially to pick your game. As a general rule, the more ‘skill’ or decision making required in a casino game, the greater the optimal play RTP rate. Slots for instance, usually return somewhere in the order of 90% to 95%.

The third truth is that online casinos offer substantial new player sign on bonuses but attach times wagered terms to withdrawal of bonus funds. A 30 times wagering policy for example requires the bonus funds to be turned over 30 times before they may be withdrawn. Times wager terms at most online casinos are in the 20 to 30 times range.

Now armed with the above facts, let’s look at an example of how you can mathematically beat an online casino. Let’s assume the casino is offering a 100% match bonus to a maximum of $500 with a 30 times wagering policy attached to the bonus funds. This is a generous offer, but one that is typical at many online casinos. You deposit $500 and have an additional $500 credited to your account leaving 000 to play with. You play blackjack basic strategy and turn the funds over 30 times. That’s $30,000 in bets placed, at a mathematically likely 1% house edge and therefore a $300 player loss before you can withdraw your funds. Your account balance at the point you are allowed to withdraw the bonus funds is $700 – a $200 profit on your initial deposit.

Just make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions attached to the bonus funds. In particular, note times wager terms and also whether the bonus is a ‘Play Bonus’ that only allows withdrawal of winnings from the bonus funds and not any component of the bonus itself.

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